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Win Equipment: A winning team!

Win Equipment is a team of professionals that is very dedicated to everything about soft-serve machines. This means everything is under our own control, from the drawing board to the installation and service of our soft-serve machines.


Win Equipment

A Winning Team Our organisation is made up of professionals who focus entirely on soft-serve machines. This means that we do everything in-house, from the drawing board to the installation and servicing of our soft-serve machines.


We develop the software, the technology, and everything else with a team of people who are completely dedicated to soft-serve. The advantage of this for you is that you are always dealing with people who are specialists in their field.

  • Rob Cramer
  • Managing Director & Export
  • Harmen ten Brink
  • AndrĂ© Matthezing
  • Service Manager EU
  • Gerleen Scholten
  • Sales Support