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Win Equipment & NISSEI 
Soft-serve machines

Who we are

We are a Dutch company and have been active in the Dutch and European soft-serve market for more than 30 years.


Top quality

When we were first introduced to NISSEI Company in Japan, over 30 years ago, we fell in love with these top quality Japanese soft-serve machines, made with the following criteria in mind: durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance.


Their reason to choose these criteria was simple. NISSEI Company doesn’t just sell a machine to the end user; it supplies the machine to the user, who in return agrees to order a certain amount of soft-serve mix (along with all other ingredients).


To meet this need, the first NISSEI Freezer was designed and manufactured by NISSEI in 1965. It was a machine built to last, rather than to need frequent replacement or to provide work for service personnel. It was designed to conserve costs while letting the customer draw soft-serve ice cream trouble-free.


When we discovered this technologically sophisticated wonder, we were immediately sold on its merits. There followed a period of development to adapt the machines to the European market, including adding an ingenious pump system and the extra function of producing soft-serve and milkshakes at the same time from just one freezer cylinder. All this work resulted in the launch in 1990 of the NISSEI Giant Combi. A success was born!


Success—because in the Netherlands alone, 2,500 satisfied users call on this multifunctional soft-serve machine every day to make soft-serve and milkshakes for their customers.


Since then we have continued to build on our original success. We develop, in-house and in partnership with NISSEI Japan, advanced soft-serve machines that keep getting smarter, more user-friendly, and still more multifunctional. They also give a higher return on investment than any other soft-serve machine.


Our unique air/mix pump ensures a higher and more stable overrun than other products. Except for the occasional O-ring it has no parts that can wear out, and it is driven by one of the cleanest substances there is: compressed air!

Cost savings

Our patented shake mixer produces all flavours of milkshake, fast and in the right (adjustable) proportions, from one ready-made basic ingredient: soft-serve! This way you save on ingredients, supply, storage and maintenance costs, as well as on energy and cleaning.

Win Equipment

All this means that we are able to provide a unique product that is all about the customer! Our soft-serve machines are the clear winners. That’s how we got our name: Win Equipment.