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In a large international study of potential users of soft-serve machines, a number of questions were raised. Here at NISSEI we have put them into a convenient list.


Frequently asked questions about soft-serve machines

Why should I buy a pasteurizing soft-serve machine?

To offer your customers food-safe soft-serve ice cream without having to disassemble your soft-serve machine once a week. All Nissei soft-serve machines pasteurize. You are free to decide how often you want to do this (we advise once every 2 days). The machine can be set to pasteurize automatically, at night for example, so that the soft-serve mix is fresh and pure again the next morning.

A pasteurizing soft-serve machine should be disassembled every 6 weeks.

What capacity do I need?

That depends on your peak turnover in ice cream and milkshakes. The machines in the Nissei line vary in capacity from 35 litres per hour to 2 x 75 litres per hour. For advice tailored to your situation, click here. We will arrange for one of our advisers to come to your location to help calculate the right capacity for you, with no obligation.

What does a soft-serve machine cost?

The purchase of a new soft-serve machine can be a major investment. However, at Nissei we have slightly used models that are often less expensive and we offer smaller tabletop models for new businesses. The purchase price can go even lower if you have a used soft-serve machine to trade in. We also have flexible financing options. Would you like to know what a soft-serve machine costs? Calculate the price of your soft-serve machine here.

What are the financing options with NISSEI and Win Equipment?

Win Equipment works with a specialized finance company that has developed packages with variable durations specifically to meet the needs of the catering business. Such an arrangement is known as a financial lease.

The advantages are:

  • predictable monthly costs
  • your working capital remains intact
  • new capital equipment within immediate reach

Ask us for a price quote. There’s no obligation.


Are NISSEI soft-serve machines noisy?

Nissei soft-serve machines are not only the most energy-efficient on the market, they’re also the quietest!

What do I do if the machine breaks down?

Call our technical department (+31(0)33 - 299 22 55) and ask to speak to one of our experienced mechanics. He will try to solve your problem over the phone, an approach that succeeds in 82.6 per cent of cases. If that doesn’t work, we will send an expert mechanic to your location to fix the problem.

Why choose a 1-cylinder system and not 2 separate freezer cylinders?

Separate cylinders: In a 2-cylinder system, soft-serve and milkshakes are made in two different freezer cylinders. This type of combination machine is made of two essentially independent machines contained in one housing. The disadvantage of this system is that, during slow periods, the soft-serve cylinder will see very little use. This has a strong negative influence on the quality of the soft-serve in the freezer cylinder. For best results with this type of machine, it is important to make sure you have the right cylinder capacity for your sales volume. In addition, a 2-cylinder system wears out more quickly, requires more work to clean and uses more energy.

In a system with 1 freezer cylinder, soft-serve and milkshakes are made in the same cylinder. It is important to choose a freezer cylinder with a high enough volume and freezing capacity to cover the peak sales of both products in your business. When a milkshake is drawn in a 1-cylinder system, it is mixed on the spot from fresh soft-serve and the desired flavouring. This is comparable to the post-mix system for soft drinks. By increasing the flow of soft-serve, the 1-cylinder system ensures that you can always provide fresh, high-quality soft-serve, even during periods of lower sales.

Why sell soft-serve?

Soft-serve is distinctive, trendy, high-profit, fresh, and you can add your own creative twist by offering a choice of additional toppings, fruit and dips.

What is overrun in soft-serve?

Overrun is the air that is added to ice cream during mixing. In soft-serve, overrun gives the product a creamy flavour, makes it firmer and less cold, and increases yield. The average overrun in a Nissei soft-serve machine is 80-90 per cent. The higher the overrun, the creamier and firmer the ice cream—and the higher your own return. A Nissei soft-serve machine can turn 1 litre of soft-serve mix into 1.8 -1.9 litres of soft-serve!