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8 Tips for increasing your
soft-serve sales volume

Get the most out of your NISSEI soft serve machine

More revenue from your NISSEI soft-serve machine?
On this page you can read our 8 tips to get the most out of your machine. 

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1. Impulse buying

Soft-serve is an impulse purchase, so be sure to advertise it prominently. Your soft-serve / mix supplier can provide you with good advertising materials.

2. Soft-serve corner

Set up a clearly visible soft-serve corner in your business, possibly with a separate payment point, so there’s no need for your customers to wait. 

3. Extra margin with toppings

Soft-serve is highly distinctive compared to other types of ice cream. If additional extras such as fruit, toppings and dips are included it can increase your turnover considerably.

4. Sell soft-serve and milkshakes all year round

It has been shown that businesses that sell soft-serve right through the winter see a higher sales peak in the summer!

5. Keep your soft-serve corner clean

If your point of sale looks clean and well-organized, you will certainly sell more soft-serve. That’s because of the important role of customer perception. Be sure to take a professional approach.

6. Know all the features of your machine

Personnel operating the machine should know how it works and what it can do. At NISSEI we give workshops in how to operate your machine, with tips and tricks for successful soft-serve sales. 

7. Give the customer 3 choices

Generate a higher per-customer till entry by offering 3 sizes of cones and shakes: small, medium and large. Research shows that 65 per cent of your customers will choose normal over small.

8. Freshness you can taste!

Be sure your soft-serve is always FRESH, even in the winter. Your customers will taste it immediately if your soft-serve has been standing  too long or has been pasteurized too often.