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The Nissei 3-tap soft-serve machine guarantees new delights every time. Treat your customers to 2 flavours of fresh soft-serve ice cream? This machine does it. And it delivers top performance: with the separate tap system you can even tap two ice creams at once. Your customers will keep coming back for this great flavour experience.

Nissei soft serve machines are known for their high capacity, compact size, quiet operation, low maintenance costs, long lifespan and ease of use. All machines come equipped with an energy-saving pasteurization system and require disassembly just once every 6 weeks.

Technical specifications

Cat 2 x 50 l/h
Content 2 x 2,5 liter freezer cylinder
Tank 2 x 10 kg mixtank with agitator
Pump Turbo XL mix/airpump without gears
Pasteurizing yes
Maintenance Disassemble 1 x each 6 weeks
Dimensions 150(height) x 54(width) x 94(depth) cm
Capacity 2,5 kwh, 400V
Weight 280kg

Product variations

Product code NA6460 DUO POWER
Cooling Air cooled
Power 2,5 kwh, 400V


Product name NA6460 DUO POWER
Type Product Sheet
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