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The NA 6888 Duo Champion ice cream machine offers optimal performance and the possibility of dispensing two different flavours of ice cream. Chocolate, strawberry or banana; this machine allows for the most unusual delicious combinations. Go along with the latest ice cream trends and offer customers a special creation by the Duo Champion.

The NA 6888 Duo Champion is a three tap high performance ice cream machine. The separate dispensing system even allows two ice creams to be dispensed simultaneously. This makes it possible to sell several flavours at the same time.

Technical specifications

Cat 75 + 55 liters per hour
Content Freezer cylinder: 3,4 + 2,5 L
Tank 2 x 20 KG mixtank with dasher
Pump Turo XL mix/airpump
Pasteurizing Yes
Maintenance Disassemble and clean 1x per 6 weeks
Dimensions L 150 x W 65 x D 90 cm
Capacity 4,5 kwh, 400V
Coolingwater Ca. 90m3 water-cooling consumption per year
Weight 290 KG

Product variations

Product code NA6888 DUO CHAMPION
Cooling Water-cooled
Power 4,5 kwh, 400V


Product name NA6888 DUO CHAMPION
Type Product sheet
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