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NA9420 G

The Nissei NA 9420 is the smallest soft-serve machine in its class. It has a capacity of 30 liters per hour and makes a delicious soft ice cream with an especially firm consistency.

This Nissei machine is constructed without a pump, making cleaning a snap. Nissei also offers this popular model in a self-service version. The automatic return plunger and the bypassable control panel make tapping their own ice cream easy and fun for all your customers!

Nissei soft serve machines are known for their high capacity, compact size, quiet operation, low maintenance costs, long lifespan and ease of use. All machines come equipped with an energy-saving pasteurization system and require disassembly just once every 6 weeks.

Technical specifications

Cat 30 l/h
Content 2 liter freezer cylinder
Tank 5 kg upper tank with agitator
Pasteurizing yes
Maintenance disassemble 1 x each 6 weeks
Dimensions h 87 x w 29 x d 74 cm
Capacity 2,5 kWh, 400 Volt
Weight 84 kg

Product variations

Product code NA9420 G SMALL ICE
Cooling Air cooled
Power 2,5 kWh, 400 Volt


Product name NA9420 G SMALL ICE
Type Product Sheet
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