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Do you want to increase your profit by selling soft serve? The Power Pro is just what you need. This machine is ideal for ice cream sellers who are just starting out. The Power Pro allows you to sell delicious ice cream with ease.

The Power Pro has a double-walled freezing cylinder and a capacity of 55 liters. With these features, the machine has everything required to perform during busy hours. The Power Pro is easy to use and delivers high quality soft serve ice cream.

Technical specifications

Cat 55 liters per hour
Content 2,5 liter freezer cylinder
Tank 20 KG mixtank with dasher
Pump Turbo XL mix/airpump
Pasteurizing Yes
Maintenance Disassemble and clean 1x per 6 weeks
Dimensions L 150 x W 46 x D 76 cm
Capacity 3 kwh, 400V
Coolingwater Ca. 55m3 water-cooling consumption per year
Weight 170 KG

Product variations

Product code NA9438 POWER PRO
Cooling Water-cooled
Power 3 kwh, 400V


Product name NA9438 POWER PRO
Type Product sheet
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